Wheel o' power

The Wheel of Power during the world race

The Wheel of Power (Or "The Wheel) is an ancient device created by the Accelerons eons ago. The Wheel is three wheels rotating around and can allow travelling into Highway 35 and other racing realms. The Wheels of Power was the main goal for the racers in the world race because it has almost infinite power, but unfortunately, there is always one who wishes to misuse great power, as Gelorum wants the Wheel as well. At the end of the movie, Vert Wheeler grabs the wheel and his team, the Wave Rippers win 5 million dollars in cash. The Wheel of Power is then put back to enable no other person to be able to get the power of the Wheel.


Somehow, in Acceleracers, Gelorum and her racing drones got a hologram of the wheels to take them into racing realms and win acclechargers, but Tesla also has one so he and his team can try to beat them.

Wheel of Power

The Wheel of Power in Acceleracers.