Highway 35 New Mexico

Highway 35

The World race is a race organized by Dr.Tezla to get the Wheel of Power . Tezla and his team of drivers race in 6 legs, the Volcano track, the rainforest, the desert, the Ice track, the Water track and Hotwheels city. Gelorum and her Robot army are also in it to win the World race, hiring ZED-36 (Kurt Wylde) to win, but he turns on her and Vert Wheeler  grabs the Wheel of Power, only to put it back later to keep it away from Clyp. Highway  35 was built by the Accelerons eons ago as a place to race and Dr.Tesla found it and discovered the Wheel of Power and thought it could solve many of the world's problems if he couls harness the Wheel's power correctly.



The Volcanic track

Jungle track

The Rainforest track


The greatest challenge on the Rainforest track


Desert Track (Unkown Animal)

Ice track

The Ice Track

Water track

The Water Track

Hotwheels city

Hotwheels City, an Acceleron city as the last part of Highway 35

Other places and picturesEdit

HQ of tezla

Dr.Tezla's Headquarters, the start of Highway 35 and the World Race.


The normal Highway 35 sign