Taro during the World Race

Taro Kitano is an experienced driver and the leader of The Scorchers. Taro at first had little patience for Vert, but soon softens up and gets more comfortable racing with him. Taro also had a relationship with Lani, shown when he gives up winning to try and save her. Taro has skied down Mount Everest twice and has won millions of dollars from previous races. Later, Taro appears in the Acceleracers movies as part of the Metal Maniacs and develops a relationship with Karma Eiss.


Taro has shown extraordinary skill behind the wheel and has proven that he is one of the best in the world race. He wasn't a team leader for nothing as he was constantly at the top competing for wins. In the first leg, Taro was battling with Vert for the lead, but got involved in a spin out. Then, later in the race, he went back to help save Lani. In the next two legs, Taro went on to take 2 consecutive wins, tying in both of them(Kadeem then Banjee).


Taro drives a '70 Plymouth Roadrunner muscle car.
Taro later

Taro in Acceleracers

  • Cow Catcher
  • Grappling Hook
  • Shielded Tires



Taro's Roadrunner during the world race.


Taro's Roadrunner in Acceleracers.

Rivited car

Taro's new car in Acceleracers called "Rivited".