Street Breed

Street Breed is one of the 6 teams in the movie, and of which specialize in urban environments.

Team MembersEdit

The team members consist of leader Kurt WyldeDan Dresden , Tono, Ricky Bell , Bart "Shrimp" Scampi , San Jay Khan, and Maximo.

Cars (in order of team members)Edit

  • Sling Shot
  • Side Draft
  • Pontiac Rageous (HW Prototype 12 in video game)
  • 24/Seven
  • Road Rocket
  • Aeroflash
  • IROC Pontiac Firebird (Pony Up in video game)


Street Breed's colors mainly consist of purple and green. Their special ability is a Camera Drone. The leader, Kurt Wylde, betrays Street Breed as ZED-36 sabotaging the race, though he chooses the right path later on in the movie.

Music Video/ThemeEdit

"Street Breed Theme" - Ball Of Waxx - Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race02:29

"Street Breed Theme" - Ball Of Waxx - Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race

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