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Scorchers are one of 6 teams in the Hotwheels World race movie. Scorchers are specialized in mountainous terrain and volcanoes as well as loving heavy metal music. The Scorchers are led by Toro Kitano .

Team membersEdit

Toro Kitano , Vesuvius , Harrison , Everest , Wayne Casper, Jet Blaney, and Krakatoa are all Scorchers racers.


The Scorchers theme colors are black, orange, and red and all racers have flames on their pants. The Scorchers' special ability is a large bullozer style "cowcatcher" to drive through volcanoes, as well as Taro being armed with a grappling hook.

Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race Scorchers Theme03:54

Hot Wheels Highway 35 World Race Scorchers Theme

The Scorchers theme

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