Itrox 2 bottles

Nitrox 2 canisters at the bottom of Mark Wylde's car.

Nitrox 2 is used by all the racers as a boost to get ahead and to reach 300 MPH to go onto Highway 35. Nitrox is usually seen in bottles attached under the cars were it can be used at the touch of a button. Nitrox 2 can also be a deadly explosive if handled wrong; the explosion is strong enough to exceed the explosive force of a 1,000lbs JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) bomb when one of the bottles was used to blow up a segment of a track---and even flood it with lava.


Later, in AcceleRacers, a racer named Mitchell "Monkey" develops a boost called "Nitrox 3-and-a-half", but needed to be perfected at first. It was first used in the second movie "The Speed of Silence" by Tork Maddox, who had to replace his Hollowback's engine when the Nitrox 3.5 damaged it beyond repair.


  • Nitrox 1 is most likely just unmodified Nitrous Oxide.