Lani 1

Lani in World Race.

Lani Tam was a racer for the Wave Rippers team, and maybe had a crush on Vert Wheeler . Lani's first car was destroyed when it fell into a volcano but she was saved by Vert and Taro . Lani gets another car and races the rest of Highway 35 and also was able to allow the Road Beasts and the rest of the Wave Rippers get through a large spinning wheel without crashing using an onboard computer. Later she reappears in the Acceleracers movies, but not as a driver.


Lani drives a car called the 55' Chevy Nomad and is a valuable addition to the Wave Rippers.

  • Grappling hook
  • Hover jets
Lani 2

Lani in Acceleracers


Lani uses the 55' Chevy Nomad in both the world race and acceleracers, though in acceleracers her car is now a medical ambulance as she does not race anymore.


The Chevy Nomad in the world race

Nomad ambulance

Lani's Chevy Nomad as an ambulance in acceleracers.

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