Kurt 1

Kurt in the world race.

Kurt Wylde is the Team leader of Street Breed in the World Race. Kurt Wylde prefers to operate alone and it shows why when it is revealed that ZED-36 is Kurt. Kurt later chooses the right path and helps stop Gelorum from getting the Wheel of Power. Kurt's younger brother is Mark Wylde and Kurt also always wears orange glasses during a race. In Acceleracers, Kurt returns as a Teku and  racing for Tesla and gets a new car called Battle Spec.


In the World Race, Kurt drives a car called Sling Shot, and can transform into a stealthy black version for ZED-36.
Kurt 2
  • Energy blaster
  • Spy Viewer
  • Grappling Hook


Kurt 3

Sling Shot during the world race

Sling shot Teku

His Sling Shot as a Teku car.


Kurt's black ZED-36 Sling Shot


Kurt Wylde in his ZED-36 suit


Kurt Wylde's Battle Spec in Acceleracers.

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