Dr.Tesla and Gig

Dr.Tesla (Or Tezla) is the one who discovered writings that lead to the discovery of Highway 35 . Tesla also found out about the Wheel of Power and its infinite energy. To get the Wheel, Dr.Tesla calls in 6 teams of good drivers to race in the World Race for 5 million dollars. Tesla is also the owner of the Scrim corporation which provides the cars and the buildings and equipment for the race.  Tesla is a mysterious man who kept the purpose of th Wheel to himself until the end of the movie when Clyp attacks. He soon realizes the power is too great and decides that the racers should go back and put the Wheel of Power back in Hotwheels City. Dr.Tesla's assistant and friend (somewhat) is Gig , a flying Robot. In

Dr. Tezla in his Body braces

Acceleracers, Tesla drives a car but is wrecked by Clyp racing Drones and has to use a full body brace to walk around and he has worked for the Silencerz


Tezla drives a Silencerz car called Nitrium in the Neon Pipeline realm in Acceleracers.


Dr.Tesla's Nitrium