Clyp driver

A clyp driver robot

Clyp Robots (or clyp drones) are the main soldiers that serve Gelorum in the Clyp Agency. Clyp Robots are smart and can drive well, but can be rather predictable. The Clyp Robots are used to assist ZED-36 in the Ice Track, though he refused and turned against Gelorum and chose the right path. Clyp Robots have four arms and spiky legs showing they are a very menacing robot opponent if anyone goes against Clyp. It is unkown if any Clyp drones are left working after the World Race takes place.


All Clyp Robots drive a car simply called the Clyp car.
Racing Drone

Racing drones like this one replace Clyp Robots in Acceleracers.

  • Large Hover jets and wings
  • Spike bombs
  • Super Strength
  • Tire Spikes
  • Anti-vehicle Mines


Clyp car front view

Clyp car front view

Clyp car side

The side view of 2 clyp cars laying mines

Clip car cncept

Clyp car concept art

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