Chuvo cool

Chuvo is a World Race racer on the Dune Ratz team. Chuvo is revealed in the guide that he is Venezuelan and was a champion Dune Buggy racer until stopping due to an accident that nearly killed him. In the movie Chuvo and Rekkas try to jump from the T-rex's mouth but fail to get across, though all other drivers succceed. Later, Chuvo and Rekkas rejoin the race somehow.


Chuvo drives a '97 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

  • Sand Tires
  • Parachute


Chuvo's ugly pickup

Chuvo's '97 Ford F-150 re=appearing in the Ice Track.

On Chuvo's car, there is a line that says "No Prisoners" and Bombs.

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