Brian dude

Brian Kadeem during the world race.

Brian "Zone" Kadeem is described as a friendly guy who plays fair. Brian is the leader of the Dune Ratz team in the world race and the only reason he raced was to get money for his people in Africa and eventually Vert gives the prize money he wins to Kadeem for that purpose. Kadeem is also the one who unmasks ZED-36 as Kurt Wylde . Kadeem is later seen in the storm realm in Acceleracers racing for Tezla but is lost when a drone that grappling hooked to Kadeem's car is pushed off the track and Kadeem's parachute is destroyed then he falls only to be captured by Gelorum and turned into a Drone. Kadeem was born in Africa and educated in England and then returned to the Sahara (his home) to race for his people. Kadeem is known for trying to work with Taro  but always ends with Taro passing Kadeem with his catchphrase "I'm gonna pass you". Brian Kadeem's mentor and guide was Haziz .


Kadeem drives a car called Krazy Eights, and keeps the car in Acceleracers.
Kadeem 2

Kadeem in Acceleracers

  • Sand tires
  • Parachute


Drone Kadeem (RD-Kadeem)


Brian kadeem's cool car

Kadeem's Krazy Eights.