Banjee Castillo


Banjee Castillo is the leader of the Road Beasts in the World Race and is very brave and loves racing. Banjee is energetic and intense. Banjee also finds a short cut on one of the tracks of Highway 35 and uses it to get ahead of the other racers. Banjee hails from Puerto Rico and loves racing through forests, and Banjee was also voiced by Micheal Banyear. Later in Acceleracers, Banjee's car is seen in the swamp realm wrecked and flooded with water, showing that Banjee was lost long before Acceleracers took place, but He might have been saved by Silencerz. This also means that he continued to race for Tesla after the World Race Banjee also liked to say "Weeeeeeeee Paaaaaaa" when he was excited.


Banjee races a car called Ballistik.

  • Sawblade



Banjee's Ballistik

Banjee dead

Banjee's car wrecked in Acceleracers. The old Road Beasts paint job is still on the car.